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Updated: Jan 25, 2019


It is often right about now, as we creep toward the end of January, that passions for goal setting start to dim and the best of intentions begin to crumble under the strain of unforeseen challenges. This is all the more reason to keep a fluid and positive attitude instead of a rigid one that demands perfectionism.

Can you relate to the picture of my grandson who’s exhausted from being a super hero? I certainly can and on the daily I’ve discovered that I must adapt to certain unavoidable interruptions with a can-do attitude also making time to recharge and refocus weekly so that I can sustain for the duration.

I have a personal bent toward perfectionism, which also lends to procrastination and control on certain levels, but I’ve learned that reaching even three quarters of my goal is better than none at all. As they say, elephants are eaten one bite at a time not all at once and for some of us there’s an endless line-up linking trunk to tail so we’re better off throwing an elephant eating party to delegate those time sensitive tasks that might keep us from progress.

Some days, I surpass my to do list while others leave a questionable impression over how well the previous 24 hours were managed. I think it’s important in all our “doing” that we extend the same grace and forgiveness to ourselves that we would to someone else acknowledging the difference between constructive discipline and self-condemnation when analyzing progress. After all it is more about the journey than the destination, right?


Personal growth is an equal opportunity for everyone at any level or circumstance but unfortunately, we often get in the way of our own progress when we fail to deal with negative mindsets. You can’t afford to pitch your tent on dead-end roads simply because you’ve run out of ideas, inspiration or energy. It’s imperative in those detours, which threaten to terminate your dreams, that you DE-terminate the vision with the right perspective. The Bible points the way for you to have the mind of Christ so that you will successfully achieve your divine purpose wherever that may be.

Anything worth doing usually comes with opposition and as a believer you must recognize that you don’t wrestle with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities. If you are fulfilling your purpose on this earth, you might be encountering the kind of opposition that doesn’t want to see you succeed!

Knowing this requires wisdom and discerning of spirits because its too easy to blame the devil for failures that he had nothing to do with when God wants you to be accountable for your part of the equation. It’s equally important to remember that you are perfectly equipped with the authority needed to reign over every challenge in front of you when God has called you to the task. Discernment will teach you to navigate through spiritual warfare and recognize the reason to especially not give up in this case!


Knowing that whatever God starts He also finishes is your key to living in peace, confidence and positivity! Subsequently, there are times we must reevaluate the timing along with our motives when a project doesn’t leave the ground or drains every resource instead of becoming fruitful. These are the life-lessons, which build character for partnering with God. Such is the ever-balancing walk as we learn to follow our Chief Advisor and Protector of our faith.

You have an empty canvas staring back at you as the new year unfolds so don’t allow double-mindedness to eat up all of your potential. Spending intentional time with God will give you the confidence to set your sights and never look back! May this new season bring fruition to whatever God has called you to do and may you leap tall buildings with great DE-TERMINATION!!

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